Wed. May 22nd, 2024

     Bolgatanga, Dec. 7, GNA – There were long queues at the various polling stations in the Upper East Region on Monday, waiting for voting to begin at 0700 hours.

     At the Tanzui polling station in the Bolgatanga Central Constituency, with 562 registered voters, 12 people had voted as at 0730, whiles at the Dapotindongo ‘A’ and ‘B’ polling stations, voting had not started but more than 80 people were in queue as at 0730 hours, as the EC officials tried to correct some technical hitches.

     Eleven registered voters had cast their vote at the Dazongo polling station as at 0746 hours while over 50 others were waiting for their turn.

     At the Amograbisi polling station, also in the Bolgatanga Constituency, over 40 registered voters were in a queue waiting for to start voting as at 0730 hours, as the EC officials prepare their materials.

    Out of the 424 registered voters at the Kolbia polling station, 20 had voted by 0800 hours while about 50 waited in a queue.

     At the Walekaki Junction polling station in the Navrongo Central Constituency, with 348 registered voters, over 80 of them had cast their votes as at 0800 hours.

     At the Pusiga polling station in the Bolgatanga East Constituency, 34 people out of the 421 expected voters had cast their votes by 0730 hours.