Fri. May 24th, 2024

By Albert Oppong-Ansah, GNA

    Accra, Dec. 6, GNA – Mrs Jean Mensa, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), has reiterated the Commission’s preparedness to declare the results within 24 hours after the close of polls.

   She explained that the Commission’s resolve to do so was to reduce tension and suspicions around the election.

    Mrs Mensa, addressing the media on Sunday during the “Let the Citizen Know,” series ahead of the elections, said the intension of the Commission to declare results in 24 hours was not cast in stone and not backed by law, however, the Commission had put in place steps to make it possible.

    “The move might seem over-ambitious to some, others have expressed concern about the accuracy of results declared just 24 hours after the election. I assure you, that the declared results will be a true reflection of the will of the people as documented on the pink sheets,” she said.

    “The only aspect of our processes that has changed is the efficiency that we have built into them. We are confident that with the total commitment from all our officials, we will witness the timely delivery of the 2020 presidential results, God being our helper,” she said.

   Mrs Mensa said the Commission would post regular updates of results on its website to keep its stakeholders informed.

   “As you are aware, the results are certified results and may take slightly longer to upload because of the processes in place. However, we have put in place mechanisms to ensure the release of timely results,” she added.

   Mrs Mensa cautioned all stakeholders, especially the political parties and the media, to desist from declaring the results and urged them to remain patient and leave the EC to perform its functions.

   She noted that by law, the EC was the only institution cloaked with the power and authority to declare the Presidential and Parliamentary results.

   The EC Chairperson asked voters to desist from the acts of taking pictures of the preferred candidates they voted for and showing it on social media.