Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

By Caleb Kuleke, GNA

     Kpeve (V/R), Dec. 7 GNA – Some polling stations at Kpeve in the South Dayi Constituency are becoming empty as only few people were in queues at these stations.

     At the Kpeve Community Centre, only five people were in the queue, when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited at about 1324 hours.

     The centre recorded 291 votes at the time of the visit out of the 522 number of voters on the register.

     The situation was not different at Junction Kpeve Newtown Centre, as only one person was in the queue as at 1330 hours, with 314 going through the process.

     A total of 271 electorates cast their ballots at E.P JHS Kpeve Newtown Centre as at 1337 hours. However, only two people were at the station to exercise their franchise when GNA visited.

     A total of 332 people cast their votes at E.P Church Kpeve centre as at 1340 hours.

     Meanwhile, Covid-19 preventive materials including Veronica buckets filled with water, liquid soap, hand sanitizer and tissue papers were available at the stations.

    There were also security personnel at the centres to maintain law and order.